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coin printing machine

coin printing machine is valuable equipment to increase the added value of the product and the selling point.


Printing color:1-6 color

Pad printing plate size:100*250mm or 150*300mm

Printing speed:300-400 pcs/hr

Commemorative coins, as a product with collection value and commemorative significance.It’s widely promoted and applied in many occasions. However, if commemorative coins made by precious metals , special authorization is required to print custom patterns. Such as gold coins and silver coins.
Our common commemorative coins include medals for sports events, medals for large-scale international events, commemorative medals for civil events, commemorative coins for special events, etc. Such as Olympic commemorative coins, zodiac commemorative coins, war victory commemorative coins, etc.
So, how to print colorful patterns on these commemorative coins?
Here, we mainly recommend an automated printing press.
Since most of the commemorative patterns are 3D embossed effects, and the shape of the commemorative coins is basically circular. Therefore, this increases the difficulty of printing positioning. It is necessary to use a high-precision industrial camera to ensure that the pattern printed every time is the same .

Features of coin printing machine:

1.automatic color processing

2.Coin positioning automatic by CCD camera

3.all servo motor drive with PLC control system


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