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Automatic hot foil stamping machine for wine bottle lid

Productautomatic hot stamping machine


Hot stamping speed3600-4000 pcs/hr

Bottle lid sizeExternal diameter Φ15-Φ34mm

                                 Lid length 25 -60mm

Bottle lid material Plastic or metal

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automatic hot stamping machine for plastic/aluminum wine bottle lid

Product:automatic hot stamping machine


Hot stamping speed:3600-4000 pcs/hr

Bottle lid size:External diameter Φ15-Φ34mm Lid length 25 -60mm

Bottle lid material:plastic or metal(mostly is aluminum)

Air supply: 0.6-0.8MPa


Power:AC220V/1Phase 2.5KW

1.A metallic or color pigmented foil is passed between a heated plate (die) and the part. The heated plate is then lowered onto the part and the foil is forced onto the part and through pressure is transferred to the part forming a permanent bond.

2.PLC and Touch screen from Japan to ensure the operation simple and stable.

3.Optimum design for automatic loading and unloading to make the drive simple, guarantee the machine running stable at high speed.

4.All main components are from German, USA and Japan to ensure the machine quality and stability of printing.

5. Foreign language control panel is supported.

6. The machine not hot stamping if no material on fixture

7.material shortage alarm function

8.low air pressure function stamping foil shortage alarm function

10.automatic bottle lid feeding and automatic hot foil stamping

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