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Automatic screen printing machine for pen barrel

Productautomatic screen printing machine for pen barrel


Printing color1 color

Printing speed3600 times/hr

Diameter of productΦ3-20mm

Horizontal printing stroke80mm

Max height70-180mm


Machine weightabout 650kgs


  • Product Detail

Automatic screen printing machine for pen barrel

  • Product:automatic screen printing machine for pen barrel
  • Model:DX-SP1
  • Printing color:1 color
  • Printing speed:3600 times/hr
  • Diameter of product:Φ3-20mm
  • Horizontal printing stroke:80mm
  • Max height:70-180mm
  • Power:AC220V/4.5KW
  • Machine weight:about 650kgs
  • Size:L4100*W1120*H1520mm
  • Machine features:
  1. automatic feeding
  2. automatic flame pretreatment
  3. material automatic orientation
  4. electrostatic precipitator
  5. automatic 1 color rotary screen printing
  6. automatic UV curing or IR drying
  7. automatic unloading
  8. automatic counting
  • Screen printing plate
  • Squeegee
  • Screen printing ink and ink thinner

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