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how does bowling printing machine works?

bowling printing machine from DSTAR

A bowling printing machine is a specialized pad printing machine designed specifically for printing on bowling balls. It is used to apply custom designs, logos, or branding onto the surface of bowling balls, enhancing their visual appeal.

bowling printing machine
how to print the decal on a bowling?

features of bowling pad printer machine

Here are some key features and considerations related to bowling printing machine:

  1. Rotary System: The machine employs a rotary system that allows the bowling ball to rotate while the printing process takes place. This rotation ensures that the design is applied uniformly and accurately on all sides of the bowling ball.
  2. Pad Printing Technology: The machine utilizes the pad printing process, which involves transferring ink from an etched plate (cliché) onto a silicone pad, and then onto the bowling ball’s surface. Pad printing is well-suited for curved or irregular shapes, making it an ideal choice for printing on bowling balls.
  3. Customizable Printing: The machine offers the flexibility to print customized designs, logos, or patterns onto bowling balls. It can accommodate multi-color designs and fine details, allowing for high-quality and precise printing results.
  4. Ink and Ink Cups: The machine uses specialized inks suitable for pad printing on bowling balls. These inks are typically formulated to adhere well to the ball’s surface and provide durability and resistance to wear. Sealed ink cups, as discussed earlier, are often employed to ensure efficient ink usage and easy color changes.
  5. Automation and Control: Bowling rotary pad printing machines may feature automation and control systems to streamline the printing process. These systems can include programmable settings for ink application, pad movement, rotation speed, and other parameters, allowing for consistent and repeatable prints.
  6. Printing Speed and Capacity: The machines can vary in terms of printing speed and production capacity. Some models may be designed for small-scale or manual operation, while others may offer higher production rates for larger quantities.
  7. Safety Measures: As with any printing machine, safety measures should be in place to ensure operator safety. These can include emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and guarding to prevent access to moving parts during operation.
bowling printing machine

When considering a bowling rotary pad printing machine, it is essential to assess factors such as the machine’s capabilities, printing quality, ease of use, maintenance requirements, and support from the manufacturer or supplier. Additionally, understanding the specific ink and printing requirements for bowling balls will help in selecting the most suitable machine for your needs.

Pad printing supplies

  • Bowling printing plate
  • Silicone pad for printing bowling
  • Ink blade
  • Pad printing ink

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