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An Overview of Two Color Pad Printing Machines

the introduction of two color pad printing machine

When you decide to purchase two color pad printing machine, it is important to consider all your options before making your final decision.There are many things that must be considered in order to get the right one and the best deal for your budget. With the help of this article, you will get some great additional information that will guide you in choosing the printing equipment that will suit your needs.

Collect your printing requirements

The first step that you need to take is to check your current project requirements to determine the amount of pad printing machines that you will need.This will be dependent on the project that you have at hand, the number of pages that you want to print out and the colors that you want to print out. When you have determined the number of pads that you will need, you can then determine the price range for your two color pad printing machines.

After that, you can check your product details to determine the model of DSTAR pad printer. If you are looking for the most advanced and sophisticated technology in your printing process, there are many different models from DSTAR.such as MINI series,P serie,S serie,M serie and L serie. However, if you want a simple and affordable way to get your product done, you can contact with our sales and forward your detailed requirements.We will be glad to provide very professional recommendations.

Next, you have to check out your product specifications to make sure that you are buying a two-color pad printing machine that has everything that you need. Among the essential items that you need including the toner cartridges and the ink cartridges. Some companies offer kits with their products so that you don’t have to look for these separately. You also have to check the various feed systems that are included in your two-color printer. Most people prefer those machines that have some customized function to cut down labour cost.Such as automatic feeding,automatic unloading.

Models introduction

Further more,our company have different machine designs.For example,open ink well system and sealed ink cup system pad printer.Two color pad printer machine with oval belt conveyor or with sliding shuttle or cam divider.It’s better provide below information to our sales for a satisfied machine proposal.

According to different classification situations, we have the following different design schemes

  • Printing system (sealed ink cup or open ink well)
  • Printing size (MINI serie,P/S serie,M serie,L serie)
  • Worktable design (oval belt conveyor,tank chain conveyor,cam divider,sliding shuttle)
  • Machine optional driving (pneumatic or servo motor)
  • Printing stroke (MINI serie,P/S serie,M serie,L serie)

Required details for a machine proposal

  • What product do you want to print?
  • How much printing color?
  • How much printing artwork size? and the artwork printing location on the product
  • Product out dimension and sample picture?
  • Product printing ability requirement



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