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how plastic bottles be printed?

plastic bottles printing machine

bottle printing machine is a broad professional vocabulary. According to the shape of the plastic bottle, there are different shapes such as oval, flat, cylindrical, flat, and special. Some bottles have mold positioning points at the mouth and bottom of the bottle, which also affect the machine’s Optional.
How to choose a plastic bottle printing machine? At present, there are plastic bottle screen printing machines, plastic bottle offset printing machines, plastic bottle hot stamping machines, plastic bottle heat transfer machines, and plastic bottle digital printers.
Plastic bottle screen printing machines are also divided into many different styles and models. For example, semi-automatic flat screen printing machine, semi-automatic curved screen printing machine, semi-automatic multi-function screen printing machine, automatic single color or multi-color screen printing machine.

Customers can according to the actual production capacity of the bottle, printing color Quantity, bottle size and model to choose the suitable model. Of course, you can directly contact the sales staff of DSTAR company to provide professional sales guidance.

Plastic bottle hot stamping machine. Generally used to assist screen printing. The hot stamping process highlights the characteristics of the product. The advantage of the plastic bottle hot stamping machine is the color, but the production capacity is limited by the heating time of the hot stamping plate.



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