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digital printing machine for paper bags and cartons

Productdigital printing machine for paper bags


Printing colorCMYK

Printing width210mm (can add more printing heads for wider printing size)

Print lengthinfinite

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automatic digital printing machine for paper bags

digital printing machine for paper bags and cartons

Product:digital printing machine for paper bags


Printing color:CMYK

Printing width:210mm (can add more printing heads for wider printing size)

Print length:infinite

Feeding:manual (can be customized with automatic feeding)

Printing resolution:1200*300 1200*600 1200*1200mm dpi

Print type:single pass

Inkjet type:thermal foaming

Ink type:water pigment ink

Max printing height(Z axis):300mm (can be customized)

Printing speed:0-40 meter/Min

Work environment:less than 35°C



A single-pass digital printing machine for cartons and paper bags using water-based pigment ink can offer several advantages in terms of flexibility, quality, and environmental friendliness.

Single-Pass Printing:

  • In a single-pass system, the substrate (carton or paper bag) moves through the printer in a continuous motion, and the printing heads apply ink in one pass. This allows for high-speed and efficient printing.

Water-Based Pigment Ink:

  • Water-based pigment inks are known for their environmental benefits, as they typically have lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to solvent-based inks. They are also less harmful to human health.
  • Pigment inks offer excellent color stability, durability, and resistance to fading over time.

Printhead Technology:

  • High-quality printheads are crucial for achieving precise and consistent printing. Look for advanced printhead technologies that can deliver fine details, vibrant colors, and a wide color gamut.

Substrate Compatibility:

  • Ensure that the printing machine is designed to handle various types of carton and paper bag substrates. Adjustable settings for substrate thickness and flexibility are important for accommodating different materials.

Resolution and Color Management:

  • High print resolution is essential for achieving sharp and detailed images. Look for a printing machine from DSTAR Machine with advanced color management features to ensure accurate color reproduction.

Ease of Operation:

  • User-friendly interfaces and controls make it easier for operators to set up and run the printing machine. Features such as touchscreen displays and intuitive software can contribute to a smoother workflow.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

  • Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and performance of the printer. Look for systems that facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning of printheads, ink delivery systems, and other critical components.
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