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Fork handle tampo printing machine

Productautomatic fork handle tampo printing machine



Printing color1 color

Printing plate size100*250mm

Ink cup size90mm



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Fork handle tampo printing machine

Product:automatic fork handle tampo printing machine



Printing color:1 color

Printing plate size:100*250mm

Ink cup size:90mm



Automatic printing machine for fork handle

A pad printing machine for fork handles would be specifically designed to print on the handles of forks, typically made of materials such as plastic or metal. The pad printing process is well-suited for irregular and curved surfaces, making it ideal for printing on the handles of utensils like forks. Here’s an overview of how a pad printing machine for fork handles might function:

  1. Loading Station:
    • Fork handles are loaded onto a fixture or conveyor system. The loading station may include mechanisms to position and secure the handles for printing.
  2. Ink Cup and Cliché Setup:
    • The machine is equipped with an ink cup containing a pool of ink, and a cliché with the desired image or pattern engraved on it. The cliché is specifically designed to match the shape and size of the fork handle.
  3. Printing Pad:
    • The transfer pad, often made of silicone rubber, is designed to conform to the shape of the fork handle. The pad picks up the ink from the cliché.
  4. Printing Process:
    • The pad moves from its initial position to the ink cup, where it compresses against the cliché, picking up the ink. It then moves to the fork handle and transfers the ink onto its surface.
  • PLC control system
  • Sealed ink cup system for environmental protection
  • Automatic silicone pad cleaning
  • Automatic unloading

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