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Hanger size clip printing machine DX-CMJ-1

Product:hanger size clip printing machine


Printing color:1 color(can be customized)

Printing sides:can be customized

Printing speed:10000 pcs/hr at least



Crown hanger sizer printing

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hanger size clip printing machine

Product:hanger sizer clip pad printing machine


Print color:1 color(can be customized)

Printing sides:can be customized

Print speed:10000 pcs/hr at least


Shenzhen Dstar Machine Co.,ltd is committed to research and manufacture automatic printing machines.High quality&reliable sales service is our tireless pursult.Since the establishment of company,we have manufactured automatic multi color PVC ball printing machine,hanger size clip printing machine,automatic hot stamping machine,automatic ruler screen printing machine,automatic pad printer with laser engrave system and so on.   

To the quality strive for the development,to service wins the market.Dstar machines are recognized and praised by the majority of customers,and exported to Europe,America,Oceania,Southeast Asia and other regions.We will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftmen,continious innovation and provide reliable service to the customers.Your trust is our forward momentum,your strict requirement is the source of our innovation,your care is our common prosperity bases.

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