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Automatic catheter tube printing machine DX-CP2

Product Catheter scale printing machine

Printing color 1 color

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catheter printing machine with factory price

Product:medical catheter tube printing machine


Printing color:1 color

Printing plate size:100*650mm

Ink cup size:90mm

Air supply:5-7 bar

Voltage:AC110V or 220V

Machine size:L1000*W700*H170cm

Shenzhen Dstar Machine Co.,ltd is a professional machine manufacturer with more than 30 years experience.We have supplied machines for different industry.Such as cosmetic,medical,toys,stationery and so on.We have researched and manufactured many models medical tube pad printing machine and syringe printing machine.

Catheter samples

Pad printing consumables

  • Printing plate
  • Silicone pad
  • Ink cup
  • Printing ink
  • Catheter fixture

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