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What is ribbon foil stamping

ribbon foil stamping processing

What is Ribbon Foil Stamping? It also known as Ribbon hot stamping, is the most common printing process in the packaging and printing industry.

That is to heat the metal mold plate required for foil stamping, and through a certain pressing process, the metal gold foil is transferred and printed on the surface of the ribbon, so as to form the required pattern of gold, silver or other colors with metallic texture, gold foil , also known as anodized aluminum hot stamping foil, the main features of hot stamping are clear patterns, beautiful appearance and bright colors.

How to do foil stamping on Ribbon?

  1. For example, if ribbon is used as the foil stamping base material, when making ribbon hot stamping process, there must be a preparation work, the selection of foil stamping materials, the preparation of foil stamping plates, and the inspection of foil stamping performance.
  2. The next step is to install the hot stamping plate, that is, install the finished hot stamping copper plate on the machine, and adjust the hot stamping plate required for the hot stamping process.
  3. Backing plate, according to the hot stamping effect, for the situation that the hot stamping effect is not good, properly adjust the backing plate to make sure that all the pressure is even.
  4. Determination of foil stamping process parameters, such as foil stamping temperature, foil stamping pressure, and time. The foil stamping parameters in these three aspects are very important, that is, the most important places in the hot stamping process.
  5. After adjusting the above steps, it is necessary to start trial ironing. In foil, trial ironing is a necessary step before mass production according to the adjusted machine. If there is any dissatisfaction, then fine-tune it to achieve the ideal state. .
  6. Determine the sample, and compare it with the original sample according to the effect of the hot stamping process on the hot stamping webbing that has been tested. After confirmation, the hot stamping operator will carry out formal hot stamping.
  7. Formal hot stamping process production. During the formal hot stamping process production process, the operator must conduct self-inspection at any time, and solve any problems and correct them at any time.

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