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Heel Tampography Printing Machine Market

Heel tampography printing machine knowledge

Tampography printing is also named pad printing.Tampography has been successfully applied in many industries.Many shoe material manufacturers still do not realize the superiority of pad printing.

Newly released data from heel tampography printing machine market analysis shows that global market demand for heel tampography printing machines is estimated to register a CAGR of ~3.7% during the forecasted period and reach thousands of units by 2031. The growing popularity of tampography printing among the manufacturers of the footwear industry for its high efficiency and accuracy to drive the market growth.

Global Heel Printing Machine Market: Market Outlook

The tampography printing process is an indirect process for photogravure printing where the image from a 2D format is transferred to a 3D object. In the tampography printing process depression of desired design are made on a flat plate and ink is filled into these depressions.

Then the silicone pads which act as transfer medium are dipped in the depressions and then pressed onto the desired object. The machine offers high flexibility and freedom for the users to print on a large variety of objects.

The tampography printing machines are widely used in the consumer goods, automotive, medical devices, pharmaceutical, electronics, and apparel and footwear industry for printing on various substrates. The growing demand for efficient printing solutions for objects with varied shapes from several end-use industries is projected to drive the market growth of heel tampography printing machines.

The growing popularity of printing multicolor designs and prints on various consumer items is one of the trends positively influencing the market for heel tampography printing machines. As in the case of the tampography printing process, only the required amount of paint is picked by the silicone pad and just a thin layer is applied onto the object the drying time is significantly reduced.

The reduced drying time makes multicolor printing through this method very efficient as another set of prints with different colors can be applied to the object without wasting much time. The multicolor prints are highly desirable in the fashion industry which is raising the demand for heel tampography printing machines in the market.

How is Growing Fashion Industry Reshaping the Heel Printing Machine Market?

The rising per capita income levels of consumers across the globe is fuelling the growth of the fashion industry. Further, the growing e-commerce sector is another factor that is bolstering the demand for several products in the fashion industry.

The heel tampography printing machines are convenient and cost-effective tools widely used in the fashion industry for printing on heels and soles of footwear products. The consistent growth of the fashion industry is anticipated to boost the market demand for heel tampography printing machines in the market.

What are the Key Challenges that may Restrain Growth of the Heel Printing Machine Market?

The heel tampography printing machines are highly vulnerable when compared to other alternatives in terms of the environmental conditions surrounding the printing area. The change in humidity, temperature and pressure conditions that includes increase or decrease can negatively impact the print quality.

However, there are other alternative printing techniques like transfer printing or laser printing that do not have these restraints. The heel tampography printing machine market growth might be restrained as a result of the wide availability of alternatives and high vulnerability towards external environmental conditions.

Competitive Landscape

Key global players such as

  • Printex USA
  • Tampoprint AG
  • ITW Trans Tech

In Asia,almost more than 90% heel tampography machine made in China.Such as Shenzhen DSTAR Machine Co.,ltd which has successfully researched 1 color and 2 color heel printing machine in 2012.Many Chinese shoe manufacturers in Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangdong province which have many shoes production industries are using their machines.

What are the Key Opportunities for Heel Printing Machine Market Manufacturers?

The heel tampography printing process involves two important aspects that influence the quality of the print, the printing ink and silicone pad specifications. In the current market scenario, there are not many options available in terms of customizations of these products.

As a result, innovation for customization of these products can prove to be a game-changing opportunity for manufacturers that will provide them with an edge over competitors in the heel tampography printing machine market and help to capture maximum market share.

Why will the China Generate Significant Opportunities for the Heel Printing Machine Market Players?

The machinery industry of China is anticipated to expand consistently due to its favorable manufacturing industry infrastructure. The country offers ease in the procurement of raw materials, availability of cheaper labor and favorable national government policies for manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, the fashion industry in China is well established as a result of the presence of many regional as well as global manufacturers of footwear and apparel. All these factors are anticipated to augment the demand for tampography printing machine market in the country.

What is the Impact of the Pandemic on the Growth of the Heel Printing Machine Market?

The COVID-19 pandemic did not have a severe negative impact on the heel tampography printing machines market. The cost-cutting strategies adopted by some end-use industry manufacturers to tackle the losses due to the pandemic dampened the demand for tampography printing machines in the market.

However, the drastic rise in demand for luxury and fashion products in the second quarter of 2021 elevated the demand for the target product globally. The heel tampography printing machine market is anticipated to recover rapidly as a result of the heightened growth of end-use industries projected in the post-pandemic scenario.



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