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How does a medical syringe printing machine works?

medical syringe printing machine (pad printing and screen printing)

syringe printing machine
Medical syringe printing

When it comes to chose a syringe printing machine, both pad printing machines and screen printing machines are commonly used. Let’s compare these two methods based on several factors:

Printing Accuracy

Syringe pad printing machines offer higher accuracy compared to screen printing machines. The silicone pad used in pad printing allows for precise ink transfer, resulting in sharp and well-defined scale markings. Screen printing, on the other hand, may have limitations in achieving fine details and high precision due to the nature of the mesh screen.


Pad printing machines typically provide higher resolution than screen printing machines. The etched plates used in pad printing can produce intricate designs and graduations with excellent clarity. Screen printing, while suitable for larger designs, may not achieve the same level of resolution as pad printing.


Syringe screen printing machines offer greater flexibility in terms of printing on various types of surfaces and shapes. The mesh screen can adapt to different contours and sizes of syringe barrels, making it suitable for irregular shapes. Pad printing machines may require specific fixtures or adjustments to accommodate different syringe sizes and shapes.

Production Volume

Screen printing machines excel in high-volume production scenarios. They can efficiently print multiple syringes simultaneously, making them suitable for large-scale manufacturing. Pad printing machines can also handle moderate to high volumes but may have slightly slower production rates due to the need for individual ink transfers.

Ink Options

Pad printing machines offer a wider range of ink options, including specialty inks such as UV-curable or biocompatible inks. This allows for customization and meeting specific regulatory requirements. Screen printing machines also have a variety of inks available but may have limitations in specialized ink options.

Color Printing

Pad printing machines have the advantage when it comes to multi-color printing. They can easily switch between different inks and apply them precisely on the syringe surface. Screen printing machines can also print in multiple colors, but registration between colors may be less accurate.

Setup and Changeover

Pad printing machines typically require more setup and changeover time compared to screen printing machines. The precise alignment of the silicone pad with the syringe barrel and the need to clean and change pads for different inks can add to the setup time. Screen printing machines have relatively faster setup and changeover times.

Ultimately, the autumatic syringe printing machine choice between pad printing machines and screen printing machines depends on specific requirements such as accuracy, resolution, production volume, flexibility, and customization needs. It’s recommended to evaluate these factors and consult with Shenzhen DSTAR Machine Co.,ltd to determine the most suitable option for your specific application.

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