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How to improve pad printing ink cover effect?

pad printing ink cover effect

Poor ink coverage
  When printing a single color ink on a dark object, the cover effect of the ink is often insufficient. In this case, it is generally necessary to print the color again to achieve the required degree of coverage. For example, printing white ink on a dark background sometimes requires printing several times, and it is necessary to spread enough ink to obtain a brighter image.
Possible causes and solutions

1.Silicone pad

1.1 The silicone pad has holes and is hard, try another silicone pad.
1.2 The shape of the silicone pad is too flat and soft, which can not release enough ink to the printed object. Try a harder, sharper silicone pad.
1.3 The image is too close to the edge of the silicone pad, move the position of the silicone pad, or change to a new model silicone pad.

2.Pad printing plate

2.1 The pad printing plate etching depth is too shallow. Re-make a new pad printing plate with a deeper depth.
2.2 The type of artwork film is wrong, try to make a new pad printing plate with another film.

3.Pad printing ink

3.1 The ink is too thin, increasing the viscosity of the ink.
3.2 The ink transfer is not complete. Use related auxiliary equipment to air-dry the ink so that the ink on the silicone pad can be released correctly.

4.Printing material

Because the printed object is too dark, the color of the image is not bright enough to print one more time, making the ink layer thicker.



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