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why there are pinholes on the pad printing object?

pinholes on the pad printing object

There are obvious pinholes on the printed matter
   If the small pinhole is larger and appears in the same position on the object, then check the pattern on the silicone pad and the pad printed plate. If necessary, replace the silicone pad and printing plate.
   Possible causes and solutions
 1.Silicone pad
   1.1 The surface of the silicone pad is damaged. Replace the silicone pad or adjust the position of the silicone pad. so that the damaged part will not affect the print image.
   1.2 The surface of the silicone pad is too flat. Change to a slightly sharper silicone pad.
   1.3 The silicone pad is not hard enough, so replace it with a harder silicone pad.
 2.Printing plate
   Improper operation during exposure or the influence of dust makes the gravure corrosion effect unsatisfactory, so make the printing plate again.
 3.Printing ink
  3.1 The ink is too viscous, add some thinner to the ink.
  3.2 The ink is contaminated by silicone rubber or grease,replace with a new ink



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