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How to print labels on plastic bottles?

plastic bottles label printing

With the improvement of living standards, people’s aesthetic requirements for packaging products are also getting higher and higher. As we all know, bottled products have unique packaging advantages. Due to factors such as low manufacturing cost, strong designability and convenient transportation, plastic bottles are widely used in Packaging for various industries.

Such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages (including water) and chemical products.
Next, let’s share some knowledge about the packaging process of plastic bottles. In daily life, our common plastic bottles are made of PET, PP, PE, HDPE, ABS and other plastic materials. So, do you know how to print labels on plastic bottles ?
Usually, the labels on plastic bottles have the following different printing processes:Labeling. Labeling is to paste the printed self-adhesive labels of various materials and patterns on the plastic bottle through the labeling machine. Such as pharmaceutical packaging bottles, Coca-Cola packaging bottles, etc.

1.Heat transfer printing. The heat transfer printing process transfers the exquisite pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the product through one-time processing (heating and pressure) of the thermal transfer machine. Greatly improve the grade of the product. For examples,packaging of stationery, cosmetics and other industries. It can heat and pressurize the color pattern on the thermal transfer film at one time and transfer it to the surface of the product. The pattern has high gloss and bright colors.

2.Hot stamping process of plastic bottles. Hot stamping is to press the colors on the anodized aluminum films of various colors to the surface of the product through heating and pressure. The hot stamping pattern has high gloss, which makes the product more high-end and atmospheric. For example, wine bottles Cover bronzing, cosmetic glass bottle bronzing, etc.

3.Screen printing process for plastic bottles. The Screen printing process is to use resin squeegee to pass the ink on the screen printing screen through the mesh and print it on the surface of the product. The screen printing process is the most commonly used printing process on bottles of all materials. For example Glass wine bottle silk screen printing, glass cosmetic bottle screen printing, medicine bottle silk screen, etc.

4.Digital flat printing process. UV digital printing is an emerging printing process. It only needs to be connected to a computer without making a printing plate. The operation is simple, and the printed patterns are colorful. It is widely favored by many customers. But UV digital printing machines are not applicable. Due to the low production capacity and high printing cost, it is mainly used in the printing of customized bottles, such as customized wine bottle printing, customized advertising bottle printing, etc.
So, how to choose a suitable bottle printing machine? Welcome to contact DSTAR’s sales staff, we will provide you with professional and timely consulting services.


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