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Pad printing technology development

development of pad printing technology

As a common production process, pad printing has a history of decades of development. As a special printing process, pad printing effectively solves the shortcomings of screen printing. Pad printing can be used on many irregular product surfaces. Printed patterns or text, such as irregular products with unevenness.

Pad printing uses a gravure printing plate. The ink scrap back and forth on the printing plate through a squeegee, and then the silicone pad pick up pattern from pad printing plate and print on the surface of the product. This process was first developed by a German company. Application, and then widely used in developed countries such as Japan and the United States.

In the 1980s, it was introduced to Hong Kong, China. Then more commonly used in Guangdong Province, China. In the 1990s, many Hong Kong-funded enterprises established and moved in mainland China. Printing machine factory. The chief engineer of DSTAR Machinery is also one of the earliest pad printing machine designers in China.


After years of development and evolution, pad printers have many different types. For example, oil basin type pad printers, oil cup type pad printers. In recent years, with the gradual increase in labor costs and plant costs, automation has moved Printing machines have become an irreversible development trend. More and more companies urgently need to improve production efficiency and reduce printing costs.

DSTAR Machinery has developed and produced a number of automated pad printing machines, which have successfully used in different industries. For example, , Automatic toy pad printer, automatic bottle cap pad printer, automatic commemorative coin pad printer, automatic hardware product pad printer, medical consumables pad printer, size clamp pad printer, etc.

Pioneering and innovative, keeping pace with the times. The pad printing machine industry needs to focus on technological innovation to provide more customers with valuable products.

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