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semi automatic screen printer with servo motors

Productsemi automatic screen printer

Printing color1 color


Max printing diameter size¢500mm

Max printing height1000mm(product height)

Maximum printing thickness60mm

Printing speed800 times/Hr

Air supply0.4-0.6Mpa


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semi automatic screen printer with servo motors

Product:semi automatic screen printer


Printing color:1 color

Max printing diameter size:¢500mm

Max printing height:1000mm(product height)

Maximum printing thickness:60mm

Printing speed:800 times/Hr

Air supply:0.4-0.6Mpa


Machine features

  1. This equipment is a semi-automatic electric screen printing machine.
  2. Using a touch screen control system to be digital control,simple that you can easily change the printing program. Driven by two-axis servo motors,it has high repeatability and high speed which can improve printing quality.
  3. All moving guide rails adopt precision linear slide rails.
  4. The printing mechanism vertically lifted which is convenient for the maintenance of the screen and the squeegee.
  5. The printing drive by a servo motor and the timing belt is a linear guide transmission element.
  6. Screen has the function of fine-tuning the front and back, left and right, and plane swing angles, which can quickly adjust the machine.
  7. The squeegee adopts a constant pressure device to ensure the uniform pressure of the squeegee. The squeegee is driven by a motor.
  8. The overprinting performance is controlled within ±0.1. The whole machine adopts famous-brand pneumatic parts.The action parts are allocated with sophisticated hard steel shafts and bearings to ensure smooth operation and wear resistance of the machine.
  9. Printing squeegee, ink return knife, air pressure, speed, balance and stroke can be easily adjusted to facilitate your different printing requirements.
  10. Manual,semi automatic and automatic mode for setting.

Technical components

1.Machine control adopts (Panasonic) PLC and touch screen control.

2.The circuit adopts LIRRD relay, Taiwan Shihlin AC contactor, Taiwan (F&C) photoelectric eye switch.

3.The printing drive by (Panasonic) servo motor.

4.squeegee and the ink-returning knife control by famous brand pneumatic components.

5.Left and right horizontal scraping adopts (Taiwan) upper silver linear guide.

6.Product jig rotation drive by (Panasonic) servo motor

Printing sample

Screen printing supplies
  • Squeegee
  • Screen printing plate
  • Printing ink and ink solvent
  • Fixture

Machine video





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