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ball pen pad printing machine DX-MINI-90

Productportable ball pen pad printer


Printing color1 color

Print plate size100*225mm

Ink cup size¢90mm

Machine sizeL56*W458*H60cm



Air supply5-7 bar

PowerAC220V or AC110V (Single phase)

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pen pad printing machine for sale

The ball pen pad printing machine extracts the pattern etched on the steel or resin printing plate through the silicone , moves the silicone pad and prints it on the product.

Pad printing is one of the special printing methods. It can print text, graphics and images on the surface of irregular and heterogeneous objects, and it is now becoming an important special printing.

This technology widely applied in toys industry,electronic industry,plastic injection,stationery and so on industries.

Product:portable ball pen pad printer


Printing color:1 color

Print plate size:100*225mm

Ink cup size:¢90mm

Machine size:L56*W458*H60cm



Air supply:5-7 bar

Power:AC220V or AC110V (Single phase)


1.manual and automatic working mode

2.foot pedal or manual operation

3.reliable machine quality from the manufacturer with more than 30 years production experience.

4.production count(press Fast/Slow to clear the counting)

5.small size for economic shipping cost and less work space

Pad printing consumables

  • Printing plate
  • ink cup
  • Silicone pad
  • Related pad printing ink
  • Product fixture (jig)

Printing applications

How can i get a machine model recommendation?

Please provide some necessary information to DSTAR sales.We will be glad to recommend best economic machine proposal.

  • What product you want to print?
  • How much printing size it is
  • Sample picture
  • Product material

Printing machine video

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