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LEDUV curing machine for sale

ProductLEDUV curing machine



Conveyor belt width350mm

Belt materialstainless steel


Lamp wave length395nm

Lamp power adjustment0-100%

Machine sizeL1200*W650*H1200mm

Belt transfer speed0-10m/Min

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LEDUV curing machine for screen printing ink

Product:LEDUV curing machine



Conveyor belt width:350mm

Belt material:stainless steel


Lamp wave length:395nm

Lamp power adjustment:0-100%

Machine size:L1200*W650*H1200mm

Belt transfer speed:0-10m/Min

LEDUV curing machine application:

  1. 1.Screen printing ink curing
  2. 2.Glue curing
  3. 3.Paste curing

1. Before using the LEDUV curing machine, please read the instructions in detail;

2. Do not look directly at the ledUV lamp and the light source for a long time, otherwise it will burn your eyes;

3. High voltage electricity danger;

4. When repairing or replacing parts, please turn off the main power supply.

5. Do not put your hands on the transmission part to avoid danger;

6. When testing the machine, check whether the phase sequence of the fan is correct.

1. In order to prolong the service life of the ledUV equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment, should check equipment before starting up, and the problems should be corrected in time.

2. Start running continuously for half an hour. Observe whether the indicators and indicators are normal, and whether there is any abnormal sound during operation. If find abnormalities, check immediately.

3. Clean the panel at least once a month and check whether the screws of each part are loose.

4. Avoid touching the lamp tube with your hands to prevent sweat and oil from affecting the ultraviolet light transmission. If it is accidentally contaminated, it can be wiped clean with alcohol cotton.

5. The exhaust fan should be cleaned once every three months to clean the fan blades, the outside of the casing and the appearance of the motor.

7. Add lubricating oil to each rotating part of the fan, adjust the air valve drive mechanism, tighten each terminal, and check whether the air valve drive mechanism is flexible and reliable, and whether the wires are damaged.

8. If the small uv curing machine is not used for a long time, it is advisable to loosen the conveyor belt to make it in a free state.

9. After a period of use, the transmission chain will naturally extend and should be adjusted in time. During the use of the conveyor belt, due to temperature changes, there may be deviations, and should be adjusted in time.

10. Ensure the lubrication of the movable parts of the small uv curing machine. The active and passive rollers, bearings, chains and transmission wheels should be greased every six months; other parts and motors should be greased once a year.

11. After each use of the small uv curing machine, clean up the dirt and dust to ensure that the mesh belt runs freely.

12. Frequently check whether the plug of the small uv curing machine is in good contact with the socket. For example, when the small uv curing machine runs normally, if the cable is found to be hot, we must stop it.

13. The electrical wiring inside the machine must not be changed at will. In the event of a malfunction, check and repair in time, and non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to disassemble or replace it without authorization.





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