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Balloon printing machine for Holi festival

Productballoon screen printing machine



Printing color1 color

Maximum balloon size200mm

Maximum printing size150*150mm

Balloon worktable size180*180mm

Max screen plate size360*300mm

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1 color balloon silk screen printing machine for sale

balloon screen printing machine

Product:balloon screen printing machine



Printing color:1 color

Maximum balloon size:200mm

Maximum printing size:150*150mm

Balloon worktable size:180*180mm

Max screen plate size:360*300mm



Machine size:L1230*W860*H1200mm

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Balloon screen printing machine introduction

  • This Screen printing machine is specially designed for balloon screen printing, suitable for various flexible and inflatable spherical objects.
  • The structural design adopts the up and down motion of the screen plate, which is conducive to the removal and placement of products;
  • Stable horizontal cylinder design, uniform scraping pressure, smooth ink return, and good printing quality;
  • Semi-automatic operation can be adopted, and the operation interface is good;
  • When operating, first inflate the balloon to the specified diameter, place it in the center hole of the workbench, and the screen will be pressed down for silk screen printing;
  • Sphere silk screen printing is only suitable for general silk screen printing where the precision is not high and the color registration precision is low.

Balloon screen printer Machine features

1.Microcomputer single-chip program control operation technology, assembly of electronic and electrical components;
2.Screen lifting type, stable operation;
3.Automatic oil scraping and oil return printing head lifting function;
4.Adjustable printing stroke and printing speed;
5.Balance scraper technology;
6.Screen frame front and back and rotation fine-tuning function;
7.Cast aluminum alloy beam, pneumatic lifting mode;
8.Pedal printing function;
9.The scraper can stop at the front and stop at the back as needed

Screen printing supplies

1.Printing plate (screen printing stencil)


3.Balloon fixture

4.Printing ink and ink thinner
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