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semi automatic 6 color pad printer machine DX-SM6S-90

Productpad printer machine


Printing color6 color

Printing plate size100*250mm

Ink cup size¢90mm

Printing speedabout 250 pcs/hr (if print 6 color)

Sliding shuttleservo motor drive

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semi automatic 6 color pad printer machine

Product:pad printer machine


Printing color:6 color

Printing plate size:100*250mm

Ink cup size:¢90mm

Printing speed:about 250 pcs/hr (if print 6 color)

Sliding shuttle:servo motor drive

Control system:PLC (Panasonic)

Machine size:L100*W96*H150cm


Machine features:

  • Adopt with sealed ink cup system for less ink volatilization in workshop
  • Panasonic PLC for smart and convenient adjustment
  • 4.3 inches HMI touch screen to display the technical parameters and touch buttons.
  • Sliding shuttle is driven with servo motor and linear guide
  • The machine is equipped with automatic silicone pad cleaning device.The cleaning frequency and tape rewind time can be user defined on the HMI touch panel
  • manual/semi automatic mode both be available
  • The worker can control machine Start and Stop with foot pedal

Pad printing consumables

  • Silicone pad (also named pad printing rubber)
  • Pad printing plate
  • Sealed ink cup
  • Pad printing ink and ink thinner
  • Workpiece fixture(jig)

Pad printing sample display

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6 color pad printer machine with PLC system


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