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2 color pad printer machine for watch dial

Product2 color pad printer


Printing color2 color

Printing plate size100*150mm

Ink cup size¢70mm

Silicone pad forward/backwardservo motor drive

Silicone pad UP/DOWNservo motor drive

Sliding shuttleservo motor

System ControlPLC

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2 color pad printing machine for watch dial

Product:2 color pad printer


Printing color:2 color

Printing plate size:100*150mm

Ink cup size:¢70mm

Silicone pad forward/backward:servo motor drive

Silicone pad UP/DOWN:servo motor drive

Sliding shuttle:servo motor

System Control:PLC

Features of machine:

  1. sealed ink cup system for environmental and save ink
  2. all servo motor drive and PLC control system to ensure the high accuracy
  3. automatic silicone pad cleaning device
  4. adjustable X.Y.Z worktable
  5. HMI with multi language and smart machine working monitor.

Pad printing consumables

  • Printing plates
  • Silicone pad
  • Ink cup
  • Fixture
  • Printing ink and ink thinner

Machine specifications

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